Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DIY Sea Shell Picture Frames


It's been a while, forgive me. My sister is in town and we've been out and about.

When we first moved in our apartment, I knew I wanted to decorate and make everything feel like home. But the thing is this: I'm not an interior designer--not even close. I wanted to do things cheap but also make them look nice.

I was with my boyfriend walking around the pier when we went into this gift shop and saw a frame made up entirely of shells. I thought it was such a clever idea, but when I looked at the price tag I was like $20?! Dang. I could probably make this.

So I decided on a beach themed bathroom (we are very near the beach and it seemed appropriate). I was excited to begin my first "interior design" project because I've always had to share a relatively small bathroom--sister, roommates, dorm-mates, etc. 

We lucked out and got a huge bathroom (my idea of huge as it is still an apartment) and it's the first time I've felt that it's mine. I've even had the opportunity to take a few baths! (I previously shared a bathroom with dudes I wasn't that close with and lets just say I would not want to take baths after them).

Anyway, this is how I made really cheap, DIY sea shell frames that look pretty darn close to what the gift shop was selling!

You'll need: Two 5x7 (or whatever your size preference) frames from the Dollar Tree ($1)

You also need:
  • 1 paintbrush and acrylic paint (I painted my frame a vanilla color before I put the shells out. But if you find a white frame then skip this step) = $.67 cents and $.57 cents
  • A ton of shells from the beach. I scoured the sand after we got tons of rain here and was able to find huge clusters of them. = FREE! (If you don't live near the beach, they probably sell shells online?)
  • 1 glue gun = $4.99 Walmart

Take everything off your frame and lay down newspaper under it. Then turn on your glue gun and sort the shells you want to use.

This is a pretty straightforward project. I scoured out mostly vanilla/light colored shells since the walls of our bathroom are gray and I thought it'd make a great contrast.

Then you glue those suckers on there! I like the overlapping look, but you can do whatever design you want.

 It took a little bit to glue all those shells on, but the end result was so worth it!

Be sure and remove all the hot glue "spider webs" and you're done!

I have two of them hanging in there, and I personally think they look great. Really adds character to the theme :)

If you have everything on hand aside from a frame, this project will basically cost you $1!