Friday, March 14, 2014

A Cold Beach Day and Warm Mexican Food

As I mentioned in my last post, my sister was in town so I was off the grid for a bit. It was super great to see her (she lives in Texas, and now I'm even further away in California) and we ended up having a fun time per usual.

I liked getting to show her around my new home. One of the things I definitely wanted to do was take pictures of her dancing on the beach. Not like party-throw-your-hands-up dancing. More like specific poses. Since she's been dancing for years, I thought it would look really cool and be a fun memento for her to have. She's on her high school dance team AND does dance at her academy. I literally don't know how she has time for it all. I would have flunked out of school.

Since my boyfriend has his Canon 60D and a pretty fantastic set up, we headed down to some scenic spots. 

It was a bit chilly out and very breezy. And listen, I KNOW California isn't cold compared to all you up north/east. However, I intentionally choose not to live in places where I'm snowed in my own home and it's like 9 degrees outside. I love the warmth, okay? So to me, it was chilly outside.

The water wasn't exactly a bath either, but somehow my sister was able to complete some warm ups before getting down on the "photo shoot" with my boyfriend.

She makes it look so easy.

And I love these silhouette ones.  (Ugh, I don't know why Blogger uploader made the colors so off in the background. The ocean is obviously not toilet-water blue.)

My muscles hurt just looking at this. Damn.


A little "behind the scenes" photo ;)

There were shots of the both of us, too! Mainly for our mom, haha. 

Later on the next day, we wound up laying out of the beach. 

Side by side on our towels, we enjoyed the view and salty air.

 And of course, we gabbed and gossiped.

But again, the wind was cold and breezy and since we were hungry, we packed our bags and walked down to grab some Mexican food.

Although I do love chains, I love small, family-owned places even more. I'd walked by this Mexican joint a few times and my sister agreed we should go in for dinner. 

 The chips were warm and salt-sprinkled and the salsa was light and fresh with a hint of spice. 

I was excited when I saw they had queso and since I miss Tex Mex so much, we decided to share the appetizer!

 However, it was not what I expected. Instead of creamy it was very stringy and goopy...

Very stringy. But that didn't stop us from eating it!

Shortly after, our dinners arrived! I chowed down on a cheese enchilada and chili relleno served with rice and beans. It was delicious and flavorful, but I could only eat half. (This may have been due to stuffing ourselves with chips, salsa, and queso.)

My sister ordered a fried burrito because she just had finished Looking for Alaska by John Green, haha! I tried a bit of hers because it looked so tasty, and I can safely report that it was! However, she only finished half as well.

Full and happy, we headed home where we watched Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging and snacked on dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds (omg, delicious) as well as a mug of warm tea.

It was a fun trip for me and for her, and I was really, really sad to see her leave. :(


  1. I love the photographs of the beach, they make me long for a summers day! Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging is one of my favourite films, I watch it all the time with my sister! :)

  2. I can't wait until it's a bit warmer. :) I really enjoyed ATAPS--especially who they got to play Georgia. She was great!