Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Favorites

Monthly/weekly round ups aren't a new thing around the blogosphere, but I wanted to jump in each month and share my favorites with y'all! (Because I enjoy reading yours)

 photo jams.jpg
I want someone to make this music video a YA book. Or movie. I definitely wasn't expecting that ending.

I've also been jamming CHVRCHES like whoa. Also, I want to see this music video as a movie. I'm just so intrigued by it.

Anyway, they're playing somewhere in LA close to my birthday and I think I want to go!

I've also been into this song by The 1975. They remind me of the Kooks a lot. I dig it.

 photo food.jpg

This breakfast has been my JAM recently. One piece of toast, one egg over easy (or egg in the basket a la V for Vendetta) and half of an avocado. I eat this almost every day, I know. I wonder when I'll get sick of it.

Our friend came over with a tub of this glorious hummus and since then, we have gone through TWO other tubs. Once you eat this hummus, you'll never eat another store bought hummus again. It is SO. GOOD. The lady at the counter said she loves it so much that she just eats it with a spoon. I don't know if I'd ever go that far, but I did put 1 tablespoon of it over my veggies + pasta with a tablespoon of pesto and infused olive oil. Devine! 

Rockin' Brews (really it's Rock and Brews but ever since I mispronounced the name I can't seem to get the wrong one out of my head) is a bar by our apartment where we've walked over for happy hour a few times. This beast is on the happy hour appetizer menu = soft, warm pretzel and beer cheese. I'm ashamed to say I've eaten 3 of these on my own. (Not in one sitting, of course, but every time we go I CRAVE it. The cheese is SO good. Especially with the pretzel.) I'm also ashamed to say this pretzel is bigger than my face. So it's probably meant to be shared but . . . you know.

My "healthified" version of Chipotle's salad bowl, which I blogged about here.  I've made this once since the first time I created it, and it was just as great the second time around!

 photo fashion.jpg
 THESE boots. I'm in love. Perfect spring shoes.

My sister got me the Naked Basics palette for Christmas and after using it Jan - Feb, I'm in love! Most of the time I'm a simpleton with makeup, so these colors fit perfectly
 photo everythingelse.jpg 
I wish I had someone else to talk to about my current love for British TV comedy shows.

I mentioned in one of my London posts that our British friends introduced us to the original Inbetweeners show, and I basically marathoned the entire three seasons AND a movie (it's only a 30 minute sitcom, so it was pretty easy to marathon). 

It's basically about a geek named Will who's attending a new school and makes friends with three other geeky guys who try and fit in yet get themselves into the crappiest (ie hilarious) situations. 

 The humor is foul and crude and basically made me laugh my ass off, so if you offend easily then this probably isn't the show for you. (But omg the things they can get away with saying on British TV makes it 1000x more hilarious)

 It was a sad day when I watched everything revolving around the Inbetweeners (but I learned they are making a second movie! omg!) So to fill my void, I Googled "shows like Inbetweeners"

And found Fresh Meat.

 This is an hour-long show and I usually can't do hour-long TV programs. I don't know why--I like kind of stop paying attention? But anyway, Fresh Meat has held my attention so much that I basically marathoned the first season in a weekend.

It doesn't hurt that Simon from The Inbetweeners stars in this show, too. :)

Basically, it's a show about 6 characters who all get put in a uni house together (I don't think that translates to a very realistic thing in America, since most universities want freshmen to stay on campus in the dorms their first year). Anyway, it's also crude humor and overall hilarious.

Lots of cussing. If that offends you . . . sorrrry.

But if this is what British humor is like, then sign me up. 

The characters drive me NUTS but they have their moments where I'm like, aww XYZ will happen and then BAM, curveball. I can't help but be invested in them.

Basically what I'm saying is if you've watched these shows and laughed then we will get along perfectly. 

And finally

I've been really, really, really enjoying the beach town we moved to in CA. I'm very slowly making friends around here and, I think, am more open than I was when I first moved from Dallas to Phoenix. It's another change, but change is good. I'm closer to family and there is more opportunity out here (vague, I know. Sorry.) Plus, there are more book people out here versus Phoenix, which is always nice. Our neighbors, the locals--everyone is SO friendly. It's been a very warm welcome and a fantastic start to this year.

What are your favorites this month? :)


  1. We have similar tastes - I L.O.V.E hummus, The Kooks, The 1975 and Fresh Meat :D Happy to sit eating hummus from the tub lol though I'm not sure I should admit that! Great blog, looking forward to exploring more posts :) x

    1. Wooo! Another Fresh Meat fan. I can't wait for the 4th season--if they are even going to make it? THEY HAVE TO.

  2. I'm not sure, I haven't heard any rumours but I hope they do! :)I was only thinking about it the other day... I was all ready to watch another episode but then realised I'd seen them all!