Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Annual Book Donation Charity for 2013

For REASONS, I normally don’t cross my personal blog with my shared book-related blog, but I feel like this is also important if you don’t happen to follow my other one. This is the THIRD year Britney and I are raising money for our annual book donation charity, which is a charity organization we started to raise money to buy brand new books for children’s hospitals in our areas.

When kids are going through a tough time, the hospital can be a hard place to be at. Books brings them adventure, fantasy, and fun, giving them the opportunity to escape within the pages. As a book and publishing community, I think we ALL know how books can directly affect us. That’s why I’m asking for your help.
  • This donation effort will run from now until the end of January (we know money is tight around the holidays, which is why we’re keeping it open longer.

  • You can donate cash by visiting our donations page.

If you’re an author, reviewer, publisher, etc. who’d like to send us book(s):
  • Books must be brand new OR gently used. So if the book looks nice but you know you wiped a booger on page 5, please don’t ship it.
  • The Phoenix Children’s Hospital only accepts brand new books from donators, so all gently used books will be donated to Scottish Rite in Texas. Email to find out where to send books or ARCs.

This charity means a lot to us personally, and ANY donation really does help. (Not to sound desperate—just putting things in perspective—but even $1 helps. Phoenix Children’s always need infant books, and those are great to find at the Dollar Store.)

In the past, we’ve raised over $1,000. We hope to continue to be successful in 2013. Even if you can’t donate, spreading the word really does help. Thank you SO much to those who help make this possible <3

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